Expand your wardrobe, earn cash, and live sustainably with the DressyClub app

Download the free DressyClub app to unlock your college campus and see what clothes are in it's closet

DressyClub App Features

The DressyClub app allows you to rent, buy, loan and sell clothing with other students within your college and university campus.

Sell Clothing You Don't Wear Anymore for Cash

Most college students wear just a fraction of their clothing. DressyClub makes it easy to make some money by posting items you no longer wear.

Buy Clothing Without Breaking the Bank

Surveys show the majority of college students shop resale often. Our app provides an affordable option for any event. Never go without looking fly.

Loan Clothing You Own and Earn Extra Money

Because, sadly, every day isn’t a game day or SAE formal, you probably have some tailgate clothing or dresses that are just waiting to be put to use.

Rent Clothing For Your Special Occasions

You've already worn all of your formal dresses? DressyClub allows you to rock a new dress for every event and feel good about only wearing it once.

Your Closet Just Got Bigger

Shop from your entire campus' closet. One Campus, One Closet.

Safe and Hassle-Free Shopping

  Feel Safe Using the App

DressyClub is a closed campus platform; you will only ever interact with students who share your University email domain.

  Skip the Hassle of Shipping

When you shop local, you can pickup local. All exchanges are done on campus so you don’t have to worry about printing or shipping.

Get Started with DressyClub Now

Download the DressyClub app from within the Apple App Store.


I have so many dresses going unused in my closet that I don’t want to part ways with yet but renting is a great alternative.

Meg B.

DressyClub lets me put the clothes I don't wear to good use without added shipping complications!

Olivia C.

I love that I can repurpose outfits from game days and formals. This makes it so easy to borrow and sell.

Phoebe F.

College campuses need a platform like this to rent, buy, and sell clothes that aren't getting enough use.

Katherine C.

As a college senior, I love that I can sell some of my game day gear that I know I won't use after graduation.

Amy S.

I love that I can shop from people on my campus who have great style, and follow their profile on DressyClub!

Ellie O.